A Casual Guide to Stargazing


This is a small guide, a small nudge to stop and see our planet for what it is: a fragile and life covered globe suspended in the universe surrounded by infinite possibilities.


Over half of the world's population have lost access to a clear dark sky due to light pollution. Thankfully for us down here in Australia, we have relatively easy access to view cosmic vistas uninterrupted by city lights. With this in mind, we've spent some nights casually picnicking beneath some of Australia's dark passageways. 

What we found however, as the sky darkens and stars start to fill the inky black void above us, is that we did not actually know where any of the 88 official constellations lay or what to call them. So we began our own giant cosmic dot-to-dot and created our own asterisms. These asterisms formed the basis of our Casual Guide to Stargazing: a small publication of paintings and stories of our starry discoveries.

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A Casual Guide to Stargazing is part of The Stargazers League.

Words by Maya Santoso with artwork by Mark Rose

First edition limited to 59 copies.

Each A6 size publication contains 36 pages and comes hand-numbered.

Printed in Sydney, Australia.