Handy tips and some FAQs.



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Magnolia Mountain Account

You can now set up your own MM Account where you can set your payment and shipping details to pass quickly through our checkout and access your order details.


Do I need an MM Account to purchase?

No, you don't have to set up an account to purchase from us - you can always choose to check out as a guest. You'll just need to enter your payment and shipping details each time you check out. 



We do not hold or have access to the payment details entered into your MM Account.

We are also unable to change any of your MM Account details - only you can edit these.


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Original Artwork And Prints


For all enquiries regarding original artwork, photography and prints from our collections please click here


Receiving Original Artwork And Prints

To flatten: place on flat surface with tissue paper on top. Using books or other heavy flat objects place these on top and leave for a few days. Never try to unroll the artwork the opposite way to which it has been rolled as you risk denting the paper. 

Timber Paddles


Avoid having your paddle in liquid for extended periods of time and never place it in a dishwasher as this prolonged exposure to water will weaken and damage the timber. Rather, after each use promptly wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Each of our timber paddles have been hand polished with at least three coats of certified food safe Danish Oil to condition the timber and increase its water repellency. Due to the porous nature of timber, every few months (or earlier if the timber begins to look and feel slightly dry) we recommend oiling to restore your paddle to its former glory. We use Rustins Danish Oil as per its timber maintenance instructions.


Usage/Caring For Your ceramics

Hand wash only using a gentle dish soap. 

Never microwave a MM ceramic piece due to the iron content in the clay.

Do not use metal utensils on any glazed surfaces.

If a ceramic piece becomes broken in any way (chipped, cracked or damaged otherwise) - DO NOT USE. See below for our ‘Unwanted/ Broken Ceramics’ section.

Be mindful drinking hot liquids from our ceramic vessels. Due to the finely thrown nature of our ceramics and the thermal qualities of the clays we utilise, our vessels can become quite hot. If your vessel is too hot to handle, do not handle it. If it is too hot for your hands, it is too hot for your tongue - instead take a moment and imagine how nice that drink will taste once it has cooled down and is safe to drink.

If you have any more questions regarding the usage or caring of our ceramic vessels, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Ageing of your cup

Like all things in this world your cups will age with use. How they age will reflect how they have been used and cared for. Acidic liquids are the harshest on glazes and strong coloured liquids may stain certain surfaces. Dishwashers in general have a tendency to be extremely harsh on handmade ceramics - water temperature, corrosive detergents and vibration (among other things) make this extremely treacherous territory.

Your ceramics will grow with you and begin to tell their own stories. If your ceramics become chipped or cracked, then it is time to let them retire from functional use. 

Cup Sizing

Due to the nature of our handcrafted cups, the sizing and shapes will vary between pieces and also between collections and releases. We try to give as much information as we can in the product listings for our ceramic pieces so you can make an informed decision and find the piece that suits you.


Other Things

Our Packaging

We try our best to carry out everything here as eco-consciously as we can and have experimented and thought long and hard about the best way to send our pieces out into the wild. Currently all the packaging we use to wrap and ship our ceramics and art is recyclable or biodegradable including our packaging tape and bubble wrap! We also encourage anyone who receives a parcel from us to re-use the packaging or at the very least dispose what you can in your recycle bin.


Unwanted / Broken Ceramics

We are waiting for the day when we visit our local second hand shop and find a piece of MM ware for sale. While it will be a sobering moment for our egos, it will also make us happy that someone made the effort to try to re-home a piece of MM instead of sending it direct to landfill. We urge you to re-home, re-gift or re-purpose any MM piece rather than adding it to the to the rubbish load our already fragile planet has to deal with.

If you find yourself with any broken ceramics think about repairing them via Kintsugi. If they are too far damaged and you don't care to fix them, investigate if you have any local recycling facilities that will crush your ceramics for use as road base - best call ahead and check though as a lot of recycle depots, even though they list ceramics as material they will accept, will often send them straight off to landfill.