A Campside Toastie


Our usual camping dinner is a minimal affair: good sourdough bread, cheese, cherry tomatoes, butter and a bottle of wine. These ingredients are perfect as a cold dinner spread; the masticating pop of the cherry tomatoes providing a juicy burst of freshness in between butter smeared bread alternated with slices of cheese. Or if a warmer meal is needed they can be combined into the simplest of toastie recipes and cooked over an open fire, camp stove or in the case of very bad weather a camp kitchen.

The pairing of smoked Cheddar and Comté is no accident as one lunch time we methodically made and recorded the various toasty combinations of our favourite sandwich cheeses. Our scientific findings found Comté provides the optimum melted cheese texture and the Cheddar adds a perfect smokey bite.  




  • A loaf of the best sourdough bread you can find*
  • Wedge of Comté cheese
  • Wedge of smoked Cheddar cheese
  • A good knob of butter
  • 1 punnet grape or cherry tomatoes  
  • A few pinches of dukkah


  1. Slice up your loaf of bread and pair up your sandwich slices for each toastie
  2. Butter the outside of each slice and stack inverted so that each pair of buttered sides is facing each other
  3. Slice the cheeses finely and proceed to add one layer of each cheese to the top slice of bread
  4. Warm your fry pan over the campfire or camp stove to a medium-high heat
  5. Add the slice of bread with the cheese to the pan with the buttered side down. Flip its matching pair and add this slice to the toasty with the buttered side facing up
  6. Once the bottom of the toastie is a beautiful light brown turn it over to toast the other side
  7. Turn the heat down so that the toastie can warm right through and melt the cheese and so the outside does not burn
  8. Add a handful of tomatoes to the pan and sear whilst the toastie continues to melt and crispen
  9. Take care not to squish the tomatoes otherwise you will end up with tomato juice in the pan which may make your toastie soggy
  10. Sprinkle a few generous pinches of dukkah over the tomatoes, plate up and enjoy listening to the bush settle in for the night 


  • *make the effort to find the best sourdough bread you can. We would not wish our failed campside dinner in the Mallee on anyone due to lack lustre ingredients 
  • If you can't find Comté, Gruyere works as a perfect substitute cheese
  • You don't have to wait to be campside to enjoy this toastie - they can also be made at home in a pan on the stove, under the grill or using a sandwich press