A Night Beside the Gloucester River

A little while ago we took a much needed road trip away from the studio and found ourselves camping beneath the shade cast by the tall forests of Blue Gums in a small clearing in Barrington Tops. The impending cold weather had kept the grounds void of campers, its emptiness accentuated by a chorus of strange shrieks that echoed out from the tree line as dusk fell. When the dark had finally settled and temperatures began to plummet, we heard a little army of soft thumps start to surround our tent. Wondering if the shriek had found a body, we shone our torches into the darkest of shadows and were lost in hysterics to find the arrival of the resident red-necked pademelons; the cutest guardians of the night. 

Before the dawn birds could begin to greet the sunrise, we had fled our tent to huddle around our campfire and warm up. We spent the morning thawing out, watching the local Kookaburras as they hunted - dive bombing the worm rich grounds whilst fleets of little Wrens tactically scoured the grass for their own breakfast. Reluctant to leave this idyllic bush setting but more reluctant to stay another night in chilly temperatures, we explored further up into the waterfalls that cascade from Gloucester Tops and wandered through the prehistoric Antarctic Beech forest. Eventually we left the Tops and made our way back along dusty Gloucester Road to seek warmer coastal climes - and of course return to our little studio.