Emergency Miso Soup

One ingredient our fridge is never without is a jar of fresh miso paste. I like to think of it as the 'Asian Cup-of-Soup' as you simply scoop out a tablespoon, add hot water and stir for an instant savoury bowl of nourishment. When we are famished though and reluctant to venture out into Sydney's winter for a store foraged dinner we make our Emergency Miso Soup. This recipe is more of an easy assemblage of ingredients we can usually find in our kitchen - all cooked simply and arranged in and around a bowl of steaming hot miso broth.  

Sakura and Sesame Onigiri

Snacking during the Japanese cherry blossom season brings with it a pink menu of sakura themed offerings. Caught up by the festivity of the moment we curiously bought a jar of preserved cherry blossoms. We found these sweet and salty buds act as umami explosions through the pillowy neutral tasting rice of this onigiri recipe, making it the perfect snack for adventuring, to sustain you through an afternoon of work or to make life a little more delicious.