Studio Notes : Lumi No.3


A porcelainic study exploring the spectrum of tones that fill the ambience spanning light and memory.

magnolia mountain black white australian porcelain.jpg

For most of the year, our studio is covered in the deep browns and reds of our iron rich stoneware clays - except for a small window when we make a welcome transition into the bright whites of Australian porcelain for our annual Lumi release.

Our Lumi collection was created as a space to focus on shape and form, a reminder to relax and appreciate the moments in between - the illumination that resonates from each day passing. Utilising a beautiful translucent Australian porcelain and adding the soft vanilla bean-like speckle textures of Queensland Ilmenite sand, we dive in and embrace the change of scenery and leverage this to refresh our ceramic laden minds.

This year, we decided to extend our range beyond white and introduce a gradient of sepia coloured vessels. Still made using the same Australian porcelain and ilmenite sand but with the addition of a body stain that traverses a palette in half tones from buff to sable through to cacao.