Umi B-sides

Sometimes any excuse is all you need to end up chest deep in seaweed filled water as the sun tries desperately to break through clouds and shine its warmth on Sydney's chilled coastline. 


I guess we should have shot that part of our Umi collection in the middle of summer, but a heavy run of commissions left us tied to our studio as the warm days came and then abruptly left. We've found there is something forever satisfying about watching the sun rise over the sea, knowing you've gotten salty, been swimming and eaten breakfast before your normal day has begun.

This collection has brought with it some unique field trips - shooting with our Nikonos, almost losing cups to the sea as we plunged an underwater aeropress, being pelted with raindrops whilst caught in a thunderstorm on the cliffs of Emerald beach and marvelling at the sand ball artistry of the crabs at Angourie. 

Here are some of our B-sides from field trips up and down the east coast of Australia. They will probably never see the light of day otherwise so we thought it'd be worthwhile to share. Enjoy.