Annual MM Lamington Drive


It's been almost two years since we began working on Magnolia Mountain and everyday we roll out of the studio we feel extremely grateful to be able to pursue our creativity full time. Thanks to the continuing support from you, this project been able to continue and we can proudly stand atop our small anthill - which has grown a little over the past year and celebrate our second birthday.

In sweet jubilation we've created a collection of delicious tumblers, artwork and a recipe for granola all inspired by the Lamington - the nostalgic chocolate covered, coconut sprinkled cube of sponge cake that we only recently rediscovered since childhood.


The Lamingtons

Inspired by the delicious chocolate covered and coconut sprinkled cake, we make our Lamington tumblers to celebrate each passing year as Magnolia Mountain! 

These tumblers are made from light brown clay body infused with a large amount of iron freckles which burst through the buttery white glaze covering the inside and sides of the vessel.

The Lamington

New Zealand and Australia both lay claim to the invention of the lamington; the classic cubic piece of sponge cake made delicious once dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut. Regardless of its heritage we thought it deserved its own tribute for its suger-coated hustling over the decades, raising funds for things well needed. 


Lamington Supporters

 Sending out our best thank you vibes to our past supporters for this collection...


The Wine Farm



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