The gipfel collection

The sharp line of stone grey dissecting the deep sky blue becomes an intoxicating becomes harder to tell where the earth stops and sky begins.


Although the German mountains don't climb overly high into the sky, the culture and pride steeped in these alpine areas give the whole region a sense of magic. This collection began from a series of watercolour studies of Germany's highest peak - The Zugspitze. Beautiful blue watercolour pigments on bright white paper spilling over and inspiring the glazes of our ceramics. In an ode to memories of the Zugspitze range, we called this series Gipfel; a term thrown around a lot in Bavaria (and most of Germany) meaning ‘summit.’ This is a growing collection that is continually inspired by the rare chances we get to explore those parts of the world where the earth meets the sky. It is a collection dedicated to those that find peace amongst the clouds, but still with their feet on the ground.


Gipfel Study no.1 - Zugspitze

They say from the top of the Zugspitze, at the roof of Bavaria, with all of Germany at your feet, the clouds taste like weißbier (wheat beer) and the rocks like brezen (pretzels). Off the summit, the rocks taste like rocks and the beer flavoured clouds are far out of reach, but along the base of the mountain you can see the forests scarred by the tracks of relentless avalanches. The mountain was initially named the Zugspitze (Train Mountain) after those passage ways. Now however, a train drives up the side of the mountain and three cable cars allow access to a melting glacier. 


The Gipfel

The sharp line of stone grey dissecting the deep sky blue becomes an intoxicating becomes harder to tell where the earth stops and sky begins.

Our Gipfel range of vessels are made from a light grey, crisp and clean clay body. The glaze transitions through a palette of Bavarian blues; from a washed out summer sky to the depths of a dark winter's afternoon reflecting upon an Alpine lake. 



Gipfel Study No.2 - Zugspitze von EibseE

This study of the Zugspitze was made in the last moments of autumn as some of the season's first snow began to fall silently over a calm twilight blanketed Bavaria. Snowflakes gently landed on the surface of Eibsee, barely disturbing the clear waters. As the light faded, a snowstorm set in, shrouding the Zugspitze in a blanket of grey. This is a reminder of the how easily a European summer can become a distant memory. 



Unintentionally, the political divisions of countries flow with the natural shapes of our islands and continents to create a beautiful series of patterns. I began exploring these patterns by experimenting with limited colour palettes to focus on the harmony and juxtaposition of these natural forms and man-made dissections. This study was based around the colour indigo gradually pooling into cobalt cerulean. 


Nestled in the Australian Snowy Mountains is an unassuming mound of sunburnt earth and haphazardly placed stones. This is Mt Kosciuszko, surprisingly Australia's highest peak. It's by no means a challenging summit but it's an air unto its own.

This range of vessels are made from a light grey clay body with burst of blushing where they have sat in the path of our kiln's flame. A buttery blue glaze flows through the inside and over the lip of the cup in varying gradients of sky blue. 


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