The Highlands Collection

An ode to the australian alpine

A landscape of spiring ranges and granite tors emerge as you ascend, winding up and through valleys and ridges to reach the up most peaks, where lofty panoramas greet you. Plateaus of snow gum woodlands are reflected in glistening alpine lakes. The air is clearer up here and the water crispy. A plethora of wildlife flutter and pad about, shyly peeking from their bushy habitats. Wandering amongst this mountainous expanse, you find yourself elevated, swept beyond its rocky palisades and up into a realm of clouds and sky.

magnolia_mountain_highlands_giants -1.jpg


Amongst the snow gums, over glassy lakes and beyond granite topped peaks, a spacious mountain wilderness lies under vivid blue skies.

Each Highlands vessel is wheel thrown using an iron saturated clay and finished in our interpretation of a Guan style crackle glaze. Each piece is fired to stoneware temperatures in an oxygen reduced atmosphere for 9 and a half hours . At this temperature, the clay vitrifies, transforming into a wonderful dark chocolate canvas, bringing the delicate details of the crackling glaze to life. By altering the amount of iron oxide used in our recipe, the glazes traverse through an alpine colour palette, evocative of past adventures through this dramatic land.

Few landscapes have been so deeply known. And fewer still have been so lightly inhabited.
— Tim Winton

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