Choirs of icebergs sing harmoniously to meltwater, glowing proudly from within. Spring thaws this floating ice cube and the artic fox cubs can finally come out to pounce on the lava beds layering the base of the fjords.


Iceland, affectionately called Kláki (ice-cube) by the people inhabiting its shores, is a quaint corner of the world we have explored separately on previous travels. Whilst there are moonscapes and thundering waterfalls to wonder at and hot tubs to take a steamy dip, it's the island's energy that smothers and inspires at the same time. The tunes of Bjork, Sigur Ros and Múm suddenly all make perfect sense; their tunes capturing the kooky and vast essence of Iceland. This collection is a tribute to this ecclectic island where we have both left a cliche'd 'part of ourselves.' A place we day dream of...constantly plotting of how to make it back there...to play again with Artic fox pups and camp beneath the shimmering Northern Lights. 


On a sunny day, if you look closely at freshly fallen snow you’ll find all shades of an opal rainbow gleaming beautifully at you through ice crystal walls.

The Ís vessels are made from a white, crisp and clean clay body covered by an opalescent white glaze that shimmers in differing shades of light.


Fox Fire

In the mythical Scandinavian Artic the shimmering Northern Lights were said to be made by a polar fox sweeping his tail across the snow and spraying it up into the sky. The Finnish call it Revontulet (Fox Fires) , thus inspired by past trips gazing at the shimmering Aurora Borealis we created the Fox Fire range.

These vessels are made from a white, crisp and clean clay body covered by an opalescent white glaze with showers of copper green cascading inside and outside the rim.


Snow Pounce

One could watch a Polar fox and its fluid ariel hunts on repeat. It starts with a curious look, the head tilts, the furriest of ears listening for a warm-bodied rustle beneath the snow. The body recoils then a perfect body arch and pounce through the air is executed, diving headfirst into the frozen earth to hopefully capture a lemming underneath the Artic snow.

The Ice Queen

We call these tumblers The Ice Queen as it reminds us of prior trips to a tiny ice cube that floats in the middle of the North Atlantic and Norwegian Seas: Iceland.

These vessels are made from a crispy clean grey clay body, the icy light green glaze crackles as it floats from inside and over the sides of each piece. 


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