The Stargazers League II

Take a moment tonight, step outside and look up.


As our sun sets, our world takes on a different atmosphere. Encouraged by a veil of darkness, stars emerge slowly and begin to dot the sky. The glittering black void deepens as the night progresses and the asteroid belt of the Milky Way starts its dance. This cosmic waltz appears every night beyond the clouds or stormy skies, but how often do we stop to look up even when the night is clear? This collection was created as a small nudge for us to stop and gaze upward. A reminder to see our planet for what it is; a fragile and life covered globe suspended in the universe surrounded by infinite possibilities.


The Stargazers League Release II

This limited collection of ceramics is inspired by the evenings spent watching the shades of blues, pinks, mauves and reds flare across the atmosphere as the day sinks into dusk. The light dimming as night falls and the stars glisten, resuming their dance across the darkened sky .

Each vessel has been reduction fired in a gas kiln, covered in one glaze entitled ‘Life On Mars.’ The glaze is incredibly sensitive to heat and minor atmospheric changes which can be observed by the resulting starry palette of colours. The reds and purples are a product of copper and the tonal blues an optical illusion created by the colloidal bubbles formed inside the glaze.

The four chosen clay bodies vary from piece to piece - some are a groggy chocolate and others contain speckles of iron that burst through the glaze. While some pieces blushed into the shades of sunburnt ochre, others are made of different clays wedged together into a marbled brown. When held however, each vessel acts a reminder of the textured earth beneath your feet as you hold in your hand a piece of our Milky Way. 


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